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Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman mugshot

The arrests of Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman:

She was one of the Baywatch babes.

...and was arrested after getting into a domestic scuffle with her former husband...

Dennis Rodman

...a 6'7" professional basketball star.

It happened in November 1999 when Tara Patrick, known famously as Carmen Electra, and Dennis Rodman got into a fight at an upscale Miami Beach hotel.

Divorced earlier in the year, police say the couple got loud and hostile with each other at the Bentley Hotel early one Friday morning.

Bentley Hotel

Police say Carmen had a cut lip and Rodman had scratches on his arm and a torn shirt. They were led off to the country jail as the media swarmed the patrol car taking them away.

They were released later in the day and the charges were eventually dropped.

It was Rodman's second arrest of the year – he was in a jail cell in August 1999 for getting into a fight with another patron in a Florida restaurant and was suspected of being drunk.

The Electra-Rodman union was rocky from the start. Soon after getting hitched in Las Vegas, Carmen was nearly ditched. Rodman sought an annulment, saying he wasn't of sound mind. A few months later, in February, he said the marriage was legitimate. Two months later, the couple split.

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