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Pete Rose

Pete Rose mugshot

The arrest of Pete Rose:

Here's the sad story of a man who accomplished so much but ended up having it all taken away from him.

Pete Rose had the most hits of anyone who ever played Major League Baseball: a staggering total of 4256. For that alone you'd think he'd be in baseball's Hall of Fame, but he's not for reasons we'll explain.

Give the guy credit for what he achieved, though - starring for several teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, and later for the Montréal Expos.

Pete Rose playing for different major league teams

Pete's nickname was "Charlie Hustle", for his no-nonsense style of play.

He wasn't always the friendliest guy, on…

Pete Rose crashing into Ray Fosse

…or off the field…

Pete Rose giving the middle finger

…and he was well known for a famous brawl in the 1973 National League Playoffs.

Unfortunately, Charlie Hustle also tried to hustle the federal government because he was indicted on tax evasion charges and spent several months in prison as a result of it. He ended up paying more than $366,000 in back taxes and had to do one thousand hours of community service.

And as if his problems with the taxman were not enough, later on he got caught betting on baseball while the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

Pete Rose as manager of the Reds

Rose denied betting against his own team…

Pete Rose check made out to cash for $10,000

…but baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti (father of actor Paul Giamatti)…

Bart Giamatti and his son

…permanently banned him for membership in the baseball Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose on the cover of Time Magazine

And so it is that the game's all-time hit leader, one time National League Most valuable Player, the 1975 World Series MVP, 3 time batting champ and 17 time All Star is barred from being honored in the museum that celebrates baseball's best.

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