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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King mugshot

The arrests of Dr. Martin Luther King:

He preached non-violence but died in the most violent way. Revered as the iconic leader of the American Civil Rights movement, this Nobel Peace Prize winner put his own personal safety and welfare on the line several times, with multiple arrests for leading protest marches and demonstrations in several American cities.

He was arrested 29 separate times in the battle for equality for American blacks. Some of those historic civil rights events included the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott; The Albany, Georgia Movement; and protests in Birmingham, Alabama; St. Augustine, Florida, and Selma, Alabama.

A married minister with four children with wife Coretta Scott, King made several high powered national enemies along the way, most notably FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

Martin Luther King and J. Edgar Hoover

…who kept a running file of King's many extramarital affairs to discredit him and undermine his influence as a civil rights leader. Hoover also suspected King of being a Communist.

While in Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968, supporting a protest by black sanitation workers, he was gunned down and martyred on a motel balcony.

Martin Luther King at motel he was murdered in

This was his killer…

James Earl Ray

…James Earl Ray. Convicted, Ray died in prison.

And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.…(click highlighted text for his full life story)

Martin Luther King at march on washington

…is now honored with a national holiday on his January 15th birthday.

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