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Larry King

Larry King mugshot

The arrest of Larry King:

He's been a staple in American radio and TV for decades.

Larry King's known for his tough interviewing style but he found himself answering some pointed questions early in his career.

Born Lawrence Zeiger in Brooklyn, Larry moved to Florida to get some radio experience and was working in Miami when he got into some trouble in December 1971.

Larry King early in is career

Larry was charged with grand larceny at age 38 because he was unable to pay back money to a financier who'd given him $5000 to give to Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who was investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Larry used the money to pay his own back taxes but the grand larceny charge was dismissed because the statute of limitations has expired. He did plead no contest to one count of passing bad checks and the ensuing scandal cost him some broadcasting and newspaper gigs in Miami.

He spent the next few years reviving his career and by the late 1970's, went on to years of being a popular host of the Mutual Broadcasting System.

King then moved on to CNN, where he hosted a nightly show…

Larry King cnn show promo

…interviewing newsmakers like the man who killed John Lennon, Mark David Chapman.

Larry left the show after 25 years in 2010 and went on to co-found Ora TV, which has an exclusive deal with Hulu to carry his talk oriented web show, "Larry King Now."

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