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Malcolm X

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The arrest of Malcom X:

Admirers considered him a brave advocate for the rights of Blacks. Critics claimed he preached racism and violence. He had a very violent end, at the hands of his once-closest allies. In addition, the man who became known as Malcom X had some serious scrapes with the law in his younger days.

In 1946, at the age of 20, while still known as Malcolm Little, he was picked up for a series of burglaries against white families in Boston. He was arrested when he picked up a stolen watch he had dropped off for repairs. In February of that year started serving an 8-to-10 year sentencing for breaking and entering and larceny at Charlestown State Prison.

Malcolm X mugshot for breaking and entering

While in prison, he began his life changing transition to the Nation of Islam and Black Activism.

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