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Jenna Jameson

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The arrest of Jenna Jameson:

The "Queen of Porn" was born Jenna Marie Massoli in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1974, daughter of a showgirl and a police officer. Her mom died of melanoma a few months shy of Jenna's second birthday and Jenna says she was gang raped by four boys at age 16 when she was living in Fromberg, Montana.

She was into various drugs in high school, from cocaine to LSD and methamphetamine and Jenna started appearing in erotic films in 1993. By 2001, she was earning $60,000 for a day and a half of filming and made $8000 a night as a stripper.

However, she had her breast implants removed in August 2007, going from a D to a C cup and announced her retirement from porn films. She was interviewed on Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor" in October of that year.

While her looks are arresting…

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…California Police found reason to arrest her in April, 2013.

The 38 year old was in Newport Beach for a birthday celebration when she was accused of assaulting an unidentified victim, who put her under citizen's arrest until the police arrived. TMZ reported she was charged with battery and later released.

It wasn't her first arrest either. She was charged with DUI after crashing her car into a light pole in Southern California in May 2012. She pleaded guilty and was given three years' informal probation and fined $340, in addition to being ordered to participate in a Mother's Against Drunk Driving "victim's impact panel."

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