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Justin Bieber

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The arrests of Justin Bieber:

He burst on the scene as a teen singing idol and has seemed to do everything he could to shed his innocent image to be viewed instead as a true bad boy.

Born and raised in Canada by an unmarried couple, this singer-songwriter-actor-dancer was discovered when he was only 14 years old through his You Tube videos.

Justin Bieber around age 14

His 2009 debut album, "My World 2.0", went platinum. That album featured his hit single, "Baby."

He's won artist of the year awards in 2010 and 2012 at the American Music Awards and has a global fan base of "Biebers".

Often featured in teen magazines…

Justin Bieber in magazines

…Bieber's image started to change with the pitch of his voice, developing what was termed a street-wise look.

He's had several brushes with the law, including a vandalism charge in Brazil in 2013 and a suspicion of DUI arrest in Miami Beach in January 2014. According to Us Weekly, those charges will be dropped if Bieber attends regular anger management classes, although it's not yet officially confirmed.

He also faces charges of assaulting a limo driver in Toronto on December 30, 2013.

The charges are still pending.

And in mid-May, 2014, the Biebs appeared to be in trouble again. Los Angeles police looked into accusations that Justin tried to steal a cellphone at a family entertainment center.

Bieber's attorney says the woman who made the claim was taking photos of the singer, and he asked her to stop. He was not arrested.

In July, 2014, Bieber pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism charges for throwing eggs at a house in his neighborhood of Calabasas, California. He received two years' probation, and had to pay around $81,000 in damages in addition to completing five days in community labor and a 12 week anger-management program.

To further scramble his life, the Biebs was ordered to stay away from the egg throwing victim and his family for two years.

And in mid-August, 2014, Justin pleaded guilty to lesser charges in his January arrest in South Florida, after what police originally described as an illegal drag race on a street.

The music star pleaded guilty to misdemeanor careless driving and resisting arrest, without violence charges. Previous charges of driving under the influence were also dropped.

The Biebs also has to take an anger management course. In addition, he'll have to watch devastating online videos of real-life DUI cases, pay court fines and make a $50,000 donation to a charity.

Bieber found himself in some new hot water only a few weeks after the latest charges were settled.

Canadian authorities charged him with dangerous driving and assault. The say the Biebs was driving an all-terrain vehicle…

Justin Bieber riding a quad

…or ATV…in his hometown of Stratford. He's pictured here with singer-actress Selena Gomez, who was also with him on the day of the incident.

Justin got into a fight, or what authorities termed a "physical altercation" with the driver of a minivan after a collision.

Bieber's lawyer says Justin and Gomez cooperated fully with the police. And his other attorney blamed a by-now-familiar target: paparazzi, who he said constantly follow his client, looking to snap photos that they can sell for a lot of money.

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