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Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn mugshot

The arrest of Vince Vaughn:

He made his name in Hollywood, in films like "The Break Up" and "Wedding Crashers."

This Minneapolis, Minnesota native claims a United Nation's worth of ancestral roots, being part English, Irish, Scottish, German, Swiss, Dutch, Italian and Lebanese. He used a break in TV commercials to make his way into feature films.

Vince Vaughn high school photo

He dated his "Break-up" co-star Jennifer Aniston…

Vince Vaughn with Jennifer Aniston

…and married Kyla Weber…

Vince Vaughn with Kyla Weber

…with whom he has two children. And, uncharacteristically for Hollywood, Vince has supported Republican and Libertarian political candidates in the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections.

His only brush with the law came in April 2001 when he was arrested after a bar fight in New Hanover County, North Carolina. He was in town working on the film "Domestic Disturbance" and was hanging out with fellow actor Steve Buscemi…

Steve Buscemi

…and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, when two local men got angry when one of the guy's girlfriends started talking to Vince.

The dispute moved outside and Buscemi needed emergency room treatment after being stabbed near his eye.

Steve Buscemi with stab wound near his eye

You could say Nucky was very lucky, because some said the situation could have become life threatening for the "Boardwalk Empire" star.

For his part in the melee, Vaughn pleaded no contest and the minor charges against him were dropped a few months later.

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