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Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin mugshot

The arrest of Alec Baldwin:

He's the kid from Long Island who made good in movies and on TV. Alec Baldwin is the oldest and most famous of four acting brothers, Daniel, Steven, and William…

Alec Baldwin and his brothers

…who grew up in the New York City suburb of Massapequa.

His early film roles included Jack Ryan in "The Hunt for Red October", based on Tom Clancy's novels.

Other dramatic roles included: "The Aviator", "Glengarry Glen Ross", and "The Departed".

And Alec showed a flair for comedy in the hit NBC-TV series "30 Rock" in which he won two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards

He even appeared as a conductor and narrator on the "Thomas the Tank Engine" children's TV series.

He had a beautiful wife, Kim Basinger, with whom he appeared in "The Marrying Man" and "The Getaway"…

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

…a remake of a Steve McQueen film, although the marriage ended in 2002.

And their daughter Ireland

Alec Baldwin and his daughter, Ireland

…caused Alec some embarrassment when an angry phone conversation he had with her was made public.

There was also a much publicized incident when he was removed from an airliner because he wouldn't stop playing a game on his phone while awaiting takeoff.

Alex was having other anger management issues and things boiled over in May 2014 when he was arrested in New York City after riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Alec Baldwin riding his bike

Some onlookers say he maintained his cool while being taken into custody while others said in the moments leading up to his arrested he went ballistic and was screaming at the cops. Since he wasn't carrying an ID, police took him into custody.

The case has not yet been adjudicated.

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