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Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly mugshot

The arrests of Lisa Robin Kelly:

Her rap sheet, unfortunately, was longer than her resume.

Lisa Robin Kelly…

Lisa Robin Kelly

…certainly had the looks when she started out and enjoyed some success as an actress on the Fox TV sitcom "That 70's Show" and in the 1996 movie "Amityville Dollhouse."

But her she was eventually written out of the TV series and later conceded that her drinking was a big reason for it.

And it seems that substance abuse played a major part in some of the other landmark events in her life.

For example, there was a 2010 arrest for DUI in North Carolina.

A felony charge followed in March 2012 on a complaint from a former boyfriend, and she fired back in this interview with ABC News.

Charges in that 2012 case were later dropped.

But in November of that same year, she and her husband were both charged with assault after a disturbance at their North Carolina home.

Years of hard living took their toll.

Lisa Robin Kelly various mugshot

In August 2013, shortly after checking herself into rehab, Lisa Robin Kelly died of an overdose, after ingesting several different drugs.

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