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Michael Jace

Michael Jace mugshot

The arrest of Michael Jace:

He was making a name for himself as an actor, until police say a domestic violence incident ended in murder.

Michael Jace is a Paterson, New Jersey native who's appeared in film (notably "State of Play" with Russell Crowe) and is best known for playing Los Angeles police officer Julien Lowe on the FX drama "the Shield"

Michael Jace in The Shield

In May, 2014, some real L.A. cops detained Jace after they responded to his home on a domestic violence call. Jace himself also called the police and told them that he had shot his wife.

Michael Jace and his wife

When the cops arrived, they found April Jace dead of several gunshot wounds.

Michael Jace in handcuffs

When they questioned Michael, he confessed to the shooting. However, he later pleaded not guilty to the slaying.

The couple had two children, both younger than ten. Their mother's family said they will care of them and a judge issued an ordered preventing Jace from contacting them, except through his lawyers.

On May 31, 2016, Michael Jace was convicted of second murder in his wife's death, shooting her three times. Prosecutors had argued she was seeking a divorce and, while he admitted shooting her, Jace claimed he only wanted to hurt the avid runner by shooting in the leg and that her death was an accident. His ten-year old son told jurors he heard his father say: "If you like running, then run to heaven", before firing the second shot.

The jury rejected his argument and his bid for a voluntary manslaughter conviction. The second degree murder conviction carries a penalty of fifteen years to life in California. Prosecutors are hoping for forty years to life when Jace is sentenced on June 10th, 2016.

And the District Attorney's office got its wish, as Jace was sentenced to forty years to life in prison on June 10, 2016. Family members wept at an emotional hearing as they spoke about the impact of their loss.

He apologized to the family members, saying there's no justification for what he did. However, that did little for his mother-in-law. April's mother Kay Henry shook her head in disgust and marched out of the courtroom, saying she didn't want to hear "this sh--!"

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