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Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers mugshot

The arrest of Sally Struthers:

Her main claim to fame is playing the role of Archie's daughter and Meathead's wife. Sally Struthers won a couple of Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Gloria Stivic, daughter of Archie Bunker on the smash TV series of the 1970's, "All In the Family".

She also played opposite Jack Nicholson in 1970's "Five Easy Pieces".

…and she appeared in Steve McQueen's original version of "The Getaway."

In August 2013, Sally had some real life legal issues when she was pulled over for drunk driving in Maine. She was starring in a stage adaptation of "9 to 5" in a town near Portland. She was taken to a local police station in Ogunquit and the mug shot heading this page was taken, and was released on $160 cash bail. Her spokesperson denied the charges.

Sally Struthers in 2013
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