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Ben Rothlisberger

Ben Rothlisberger mugshot

The arrests of Ben Rothlisberger :

He's a star NFL quarterback, leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to two super Bowl championships, the first as the youngest quarterback to ever achieve it when he was only 23.

He threw this game winning pass in the 2009 Super Bowl, as seen on NBC.

Ben Rothlisberger's pro football career has also been marked with appearances as an All Star in two Pro Bowls.

Ben Rothlisberger playing for the Steelers

His off the field activities have brought him troubles though. Rothlisberger has been accused of sexual abuse twice, in 2006 and 2010.

Ben Rothlisberger 2010 witness police report

Formal charges were never filed. However, Steeler's owner Art Rooney II was furious about the accusations and the second resulted in Rothlisberger's suspension from play, under the league's personal conduct policy. It cost him millions of dollars, considering he also lost endorsement deals after the sex abuse allegations.

Besides women, Ben's had problems with motorcycles.

Ben Rothlisberger with 3 woman

Rothlisberger was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2006.

Ben Rothlisberger motorcycle after his accident

…while riding it without a motorcycle license.

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