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Chuck Knoblauch

Chuck Knoblauch mugshot

The arrest of Chuck Knoblauch:

Throwing to make a put out was sometimes a problem for him when he played second base for the New York Yankees. However, he got into some real trouble when he started throwing things around his home.

Chuck Knoblauch was arrested in Houston and charged with assaulting his wife during a late night fight in their home in July, 2014. Cheryl Knoblauch told police she was sleeping in her child's bedroom when Chuck stormed in and said she should have been with him.

Chuck Knoblauch with his wife and kid

Police say she claims he then grabbed her and started smashing her head against the wall and then threw a humidifier at her. Police say he appeared to be very drunk during his fingerprinting and booking by the Harris County sheriff and was released after posting $10,000 bond.

Knoblauch's had a similar problem in the past, convicted in a domestic violence case against his wife at the time, Stacey Stelmach.

Stacey Stelmach

He was sentenced to a year's probation in that case.

Knoblauch was elected to the Minnesota Twins' Hall of Fame earlier in the year, but the Twins cancelled an induction ceremony planned for August after the news of his latest arrest.

Knoblauch broke in with the Twins and was American League Rookie of the Year in 1991.

Chuck Knoblauch rookie card

He jumped to the Yankees…

Chuck Knoblauch on the Yankees

…and played with three World Series winners.

But had a controversial tenure, both for holding the ball at the wrong time…

Chuck Knoblauch on back cover of the Ny Daily News

…and losing control of it went he did let it fly.

Chuck Knoblauch playing for the Yankees

He confessed to using human growth hormone in 2001, saying it was given to him by the Yanks former strength and conditioning Coach Brian McNamee, chief accuser of legendary pitcher Roger Clemens.

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