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Dwight Gooden

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The arrests of Dwight Gooden:

He exploded onto the scene in the world's media capital with a crackling fastball and arresting curve and became an immediate favorite for fans of the New York Mets.

Dwight Gooden pitching for the Mets

Dwight Gooden was the 1984 National League Rookie of the Year and the League's Cy Young Award winner in 1985.

He was a member of the Mets' World Series Championship team in 1986 and later went on to play on two other World Series winners with the cross-town Yankees.

Dwight Gooden on the Yankees

He even pitched a no-hitter for the Yanks in 1996.

However, this native of Tampa Florida had his demons, mainly of the substance abuse variety.

It started in December, 1986, fresh after the Mets' Series victory, when he was arrested in Tampa after fighting with police. A report that cleared the cops of misconduct in his arrest triggered the Tampa riots of 1987.

A few weeks later, in spring training, rumors of substance abuse started and he tested positive for cocaine use and missed the first few months of the season after going into rehab.

Doctor K retired from baseball in 2001 after the Yankees cut him from the team in spring training. After starting with so much promise, his career record ended at 194 wins and 112 losses. More than half of his victories came before he was 25

Dwight Gooden on the Yankees and in a prison uniform

His legal problems continued, with a D.U.I. Arrest in Tampa in February 2002…punching his girlfriend, which yielded a misdemeanor battery charge in March, 2005…an August 2005 traffic stop in which police say he appeared to be impaired…a March 2006 probation violation and a March 2010 incident for leaving the scene of a traffic accident while under the influence of a controlled substance.

For that one, because a child was in the car, Gooden got five years' probation and was ordered to undergo outpatient drug treatment.

In 2013, Gooden was evicted from his New Jersey mansion after leaving his wife Monique and children there without any money to pay the $4,500 per month rent.

Dwight Gooden with his wife

Monique also got a restraining order against him, after she said he made terroristic threats.

Dwight Gooden at Shea Goodbye

However, despite his personal problems, Gooden is a member of the Mets' Hall of Fame and said "I Was always a Met at Heart."

Dwight Gooden memoir

He wrote his memoir in 2013.

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