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Hope Solo

Hope Solo mugshot

The arrest of Hope Solo:

She won two Olympic gold medals with the U.S. women's national team and plays soccer professionally with the Seattle Reign of the National Women's Soccer League.

Hope Solo playing soccer

Born and raised in Washington State, Hope Solo's fame as an athlete helped her in her highly publicized scrape with the law.

Hope Solo playing soccer

She was arrested on the first night of summer, 2014 after a fight at her sister's home in suburban Seattle and was charged with domestic violence.

She's accused of assaulting her 17 year old nephew, and then her sister, at a family gathering. It started when she began arguing with her nephew about his aspirations to be an actor.

He said she was upset and appeared to be drinking and called him fat and crazy. They got into a fist fight and when her sister – the teen's mother – tried to break it up, Solo is accused of punching her in the face.

Court papers say the nephew then broke a broom over his aunt's head and pointed a bb gun at her to get her to leave.

In a court appearance the following Monday, Solo pleaded not guilty to the charges. Married to former football player Jerramy Stevens…

Hope Solo with Jerramy Stevens

…she was booked under her married name, Hope Amelia Stevens.

Hope Solo in court

She was released without bail and was ordered not to contact her two accusers or drink alcohol.

Her lawyer successfully argued against the city of Kirkland's request for bail, noting that Solo doesn't have a criminal history and her status as a public figure made it unlikely that she would not appear when called back to court.

Hope Solo in court

Her next appearance is August 11, 2014.

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