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Jake LaMotta

Jake LaMotta mugshot

The arrest of Jake LaMotta:

This former World Middleweight champion was known as "The Raging Bull", which is the name of the movie about his life, in which Robert DeNiro won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta.

Jake LaMotta amd Robert DeNiro

Giacobbe LaMotta was born to an Italian family in the Bronx, New York. He was introduced to prize fighting at an early age. His father forced him to fight other kids so adult neighbors would be entertained and throw coins into the street.

Jake turned pro in 1941…

Jake LaMotta boxing photo

…had five memorable fights with Sugar Ray Robinson…

Jake LaMotta fighting Sugar Ray Robinson

…and won the second, giving sugar Ray his first defeat. Sugar Ray won the other four fights.

Jake had a stormy Marriage to first wife, Vicki…

Jake LaMotta with his first wife, Vicki

…and it ended in divorce. He was married seven times in all.

LaMotta was a controversial figure though and, after retiring owned and managed bars. He became an actor and attempted standup comedy. Jake appeared in 15 movies and had cameo roles on TV shows.

Jake LaMotta in a movie

Jake was arrested in 1958 and was accused of introducing men to an underage girl at his Miami nightclub. He claimed innocence but was convicted and served time on a chain gang.

He also lost a lot of friends, because of his habit of groping their wives and girlfriends at social events.

Jake LaMotta later in life

Despite of his poor social skills, Jake's a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Boxing Hall Of Fame poster
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