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Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati mugshot

The arrest of Jennifer Capriati:

She could do it all on the tennis courts, winning three women's singles championships in Grand Slam play.

Jennifer Capriati on the tennis court

Jennifer Capriati made her professional debut when she was only 13 and set several records for the youngest player.

Jennifer Capriati age 13

She defeated Marina Hingis in the 2001 Australian Open…

…and also won the French Open that year.

Unfortunately for this New York native, she's had several run-ins with the law. She was charged with shoplifting a ring in 1993. And in May 1994, she was busted for possession of marijuana and entered a drug counseling program. She admitted contemplating suicide in 1994 and in 2010 she required treatment for a drug overdose in a suicide attempt.

To top it off, in 2013, Capriati was charged with battery and stalking in an incident involving a former boyfriend on Valentine's Day. By 2014, she had completed thirty hours of community services and four hours of anger management counseling related with that incident.

Jennifer Capriati holding a trophy

None of her legal problems prevented her July 2012 induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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