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John Daly

John Daly mugshot

The ups and downs of John Daly:

On the golf course, his nickname is "Long John"; because of the distance he can get driving the ball off the tee. He's won a couple of major tournaments, like the 1991 PGA Championship.

Daly also won the 1995 British Open Championship.

John Daly after he won the 1995 British Open Championship

But he's had several problems in his personal life.

Born in Carmichael, California, John Daly moved with his family to Dardanelle, Arkansas when he was four,

John Daly childhood photo

…and started playing golf at the age of five.

He attended high school in Jefferson City, Missouri and was a state golf champion.

Daly turned pro in 1987 and his PGA Championship victory four years later got a lot of attention because he was the final alternate; and Daly made the cut when Nick Price dropped out and the other eight alternates ahead of him couldn't make it to the course in time to compete.

John was involved in several incidents during golf tournaments, including throwing his putter and ball into a pond after making a triple bogey seven on one hole on a course in Australia.

He's had a long running problem with alcohol abuse and on October 26, 2008 was taken into protective custody by police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina after being found drunk outside a Hooter's restaurant. He wasn't arrested or charged with a violation, but got a lot of negative publicity when police released his mug shot.

He claimed to quit drinking and in a shot to other golfers said that if drug testing were done properly on tour, it'd be found that many PGA golfers used cocaine and that he'd be considered "one of the cleanest guys out there. His comments created uproar in the pro golf game.

John also took a lot of heat because of his weight:

John Daly at his heaviest weight

Daly also got into trouble in December 1992 when he was accused of throwing his wife Bettye into a wall at their home. She chose not to press charges and he denied hitting a woman.

He was married four times. His ex-wife Sherrie…

John Daly's ex wife, Sherrie

…wrote a memoir called "Teed Off: My Life as a Player's Wife on the PGA Tour," accusing John of infidelity, alcohol abuse and gambling problems.

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