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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel mugshot

The arrest of Johnny Manziel:

You'd think these guys – all college graduates – would know a lot better, both morally and from reading a newspaper. Yet, here we go again, with another story of a rich and famous football star who got into legal hot water after being accused of beating up his former girlfriend. One of his lawyers, however, suggests a regular guy on the street would not even have been charged.

Jonathan Paul Manziel was born and raised in Texas. His father Paul's family has been in the United States for several generations, originating from a part of Syria that's now in Lebanon. His mother Michelle is of Italian ancestry.

Johnny Manziel's parents

The family got rich in the Texas oil business and had a comfortable home…

Johnny Manziel's family home

and Johnny, pictured here as a 4-year-old…

Johnny Manziel childhood photo

…excelled in several sports, including football and baseball. (He was drafted as a shortstop by the San Diego Pardes in the 2014 MLB draft, even though he hadn't played the sport since he'd been a high school junior.) But his real talent was in football and he was compared to NFL quarterbacks like Brett Favre while starring for Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas.

Johnny Manziel, Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas

He was a quarterback who could both throw the ball and run with it and won the "Mr. Texas Football Award" in 2010.

Several colleges and universities wanted him but Johnny chose Texas A&M University. Not only did he win the starting quarterback's job in his freshman year…

Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M University

…but he became the first freshman ever to win the Heisman Trophy, as the top college player in 2012.

Johnny Manziel Heisman Trophy

By January 2014, Johnny announced he'd skip his junior year and enter the NFL draft. But he wasn't roundly applauded. Some veteran pro's didn't like Johnny's attitude, calling him arrogant. The Cleveland Browns picked him, but in the 22nd round – meaning he was no one's top choice.

The concerns about Johnny bore fruit. His on field performance was spotty…

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns

…and he was fined for a hand gesture in a 2014 pre-season game.

His off-the field-antics, including his drinking…

Johnny Manziel partying

…drew a lot of negative attention.

The Browns cut him after two seasons and Johnny was a free agent. How "free" is another story because what happened next won't win him any extra points.

On January 30th, 2016, according to his then-girlfriend Collen Crowley…

Johnny Manziel and Collen Crowley

…they were out for a night on the town when Johnny Football allegedly became violent when she jumped out of the car they were in. She claims that he slapped her so hard she temporarily lost her hearing in her left ear and that he forced back her into the car, slamming her into a dashboard. She also said in an affidavit that he appeared to be on "some kind of drugs."

By April 26th, Johnny was formally indicted by a grand jury in Dallas, Texas on misdemeanor charges of assault related to family violence. While not a felony, it still carries a possible sentence of a year in jail and a fine of four thousand dollars if he's found guilty

But Manziel's attorney Robert Hinton told ESPN that if Johnny wasn't famous, the case would never have been taken by the district attorney because, the lawyer claims, there's not much to it. That remains to be seen. Another part of Manziel's legal team said that Johnny would plead not guilty.

To be continued…

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