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Michael Phelps

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The arrests of Michael Phelps:

He's the most decorated Olympian ever, winning a total of 22 medals, eighteen of them gold.

Michael Phelps said the 2012 Olympics would be his last but in April 2014, Phelps came out of retirement, setting his sights on the 2016 games in Rio.

However, this Olympic champion swimmer keeps getting into legal hot water for drunken driving. In September 2014, Phelps was picked up in his hometown of Baltimore after getting caught speeding and failing sobriety tests. He issued an apology, saying he understands the seriousness of the charges.

It was a decade before, in 2004, that Phelps had his first DUI arrest on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He got 18 months' probation that time and a $250 fine and had to deliver an alcohol awareness presentation to students at three high schools.

USA Swimming took no action after the 2004 incident and the governing body said Phelps actions were surprising and disappointing. It's too soon to say whether Phelps will face sanctions from USA Swimming.

Phelps was also shown using a marijuana pipe in a 2009 photo published by a British tabloid.

Michael Phelps smoking from a bong

The following weekend, Phelps used a Sunday tweet to say that he was taking a break from swimming to attend a program "to better understand" himself.

The day after the tweet, USA Swimming suspended Phelps for six months - no competitive swimming – because he violated the organization's code of conduct.

To be continued…

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