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Orlando Cepeda

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The arrest of Orlando Cepeda:

They called him "Cha-Cha" and "the Baby Bull" and he was a fan favorite is several cities. He was the National League's 1958 Rookie of the Year and 1967 Most Valuable Player and played in the World Series for the 1962 San Francisco Giants and the 1967 St. Louis Cardinals. He also claimed to smoke pot starting in 1965 and ten years later, was arrested on drug possession charges.

Orlando Cepeda was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in a poor family. His father Pedro – nicknamed "The Bull" - was a professional baseball player there, but couldn't play in the U.S because of the big league's racial barrier.

Orlando Cepeda's baseball photo

Orlando started his career as a slugging first baseman for the Giants…

Orlando Cepeda on the Giants

…but had skirmishes with his manager Alvin Dark, who banned speaking Spanish in the clubhouse.

Cepeda was traded to St. Louis in 1966…

Orlando Cepeda on the Cardinals

…and Orlando was a star for them, helping them win the 1967 World Series and appearing in the Series again the following year, when the Cards lost to Detroit.

In 1969, Orlando was traded to the Atlanta Braves…

Orlando Cepeda on the Braves

…for fellow Hall-O-Famer Joe Torre, and Cepeda enjoyed several more years of success with Atlanta, before moving to the American League with Oakland, Boston and Kansas City…

Orlando Cepeda baseball cards for Oakland, Boston and Kansas City

…primarily as a designated hitter.

For all of his baseball fame, Orlando did have his share of legal battles. His wife divorced him after he retired and he fathered a child out of wedlock.

He also agreed to transport five pounds of pot for some Colombian drug dealers and he was arrested and charged with drug possession. While awaiting trial, Orlando was arrested a second time, on a weapons charge. And then his former wife sued him because she wanted a boost in her alimony and child support payments.

Orlando was convicted on the drug charges and sentenced to five years in prison. He spent ten months in jail and did the rest of his time on probation.

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A seven time All-Star, Orlando Cepeda's also one of only two players of Puerto Rican descent in the Baseball Hall of Fame…

Orlando Cepeda - baseball hall of fame

Roberto Clemente is the other.

Roberto Clemente
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