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Ray McDonald

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The arrest of Ray McDonald:

It's often said that timing is everything. And that cuts both ways, because bad timing can hurt you even more. Such is the case of Ray McDonald, a professional football player for the San Francisco 49ers.

On August 29, 2014, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell…

Roger Goodell

…announced new measures to punish players for domestic violence, saying he went too lightly on Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice, who was involved in an assault of his then-fiancé, later-wife in February 2014.

New penalties call for a six game suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban if it happens again.

So here comes Mr. McDonald.

Ray McDonald

On August 31st - only 3 days after the commissioner spoke - he was arrested on a domestic abuse charge with his pregnant finance, who showed police bruises on her arms and neck.

McDonald, a 290 pound defensive lineman, was charged with felony domestic violence and was set free after coming up with $25,000 bail.

For his part, McDonald says he's a" good-hearted person". Besides a DUI arrest, McDonald hasn't had any other off the field infractions in the past.

But that won't affect the new league policy and the fact that his victim was pregnant could mean even stricter sanctions.

The 49er's say they take the matter seriously and they're gathering the facts.

The NFL's been embarrassed in recent years by cases like this, including the 2012 murder-suicide involving Javon Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs…

Javon Belcher

…and several other high profile criminal matters

Police were called to McDonald's Santa Clara, California home. Officers said McDonald physically assaulted a woman while she was holding a baby and then left the house. He was picked on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and child endangerment.

The Chicago Bears promptly released McDonald, saying while they believe in second chances; they made it very clear to him what they expected from him if he was to stay with the organization.

They took a chance on McDonald after he was released in 2014 by the 49ers…

…on those prior sex assault charges.

And then, McDonald was arrested again only a few days after being dumped by the Bears.

He was accused of violating a restraining order by returning to the Santa Clara home on Wednesday of the following week. He'd been free on bail but was booked again at the Santa Clara County jail on the new charges.

To be continued….

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