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Wes Welker

Wes Welker mugshot

The NFL suspension of Wes Welker:

He's acknowledged as one of the top receivers of the National Football League, catching passes from two of his generation's greatest quarterbacks: Tom Brady when Welker played with the New England Patriots…

Wes Welker playing for the patriots

…and Peyton Manning, as a member of the Denver Broncos.

But Wes Welker caught something else and he claims it was quite unexpected – a four game suspension from the NFL. The league announced that Welker would sit for the first four games of the 2014 season, saying he violated its performance-enhancing drug policy.

It was reported Welker suspension was based on a violation due to the use of amphetamines.

But Welker claims he was an unintentional receiver, saying he's never been involved with drugs and of being very meticulous about what he puts in his body.

Welker said he wouldn't take a substance to gain a competitive advantage and added someone may have slipped MDMA cut with amphetamines at the Kentucky Derby the previous May, where he won over $50,000 and was handing out hundred dollar bills.

Wes Welker handing out money to people at the kentucky derby

The infuriated Welker told the "Denver Post" he's never taken Molly or any other illegal drugs and that he never even smokes pot. He also complained that the NFL's drug policy procedures are "clearly flawed".

Welker faces no criminal or civil charges in the U.S. legal system in this case. However, like cyclist Lance Armstrong, the league sanctions will definitely sting. Besides tarnishing his reputation, Welker's suspension is going to cost him over $700,000 in base salary.

He's had a clean personal reputation otherwise. The only other hint of a problem came in June, 2012 when he and some buddies were kicked out of an Aspen restaurant after his friends got into a fight with staff members. Police were called, Welker and the rest of his group were removed but no arrests were made.

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