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John Rigas

John Rigas mugshot

The arrest of John Rigas:

Here's the story of the cable guy who drew fifteen years in federal prison. John Rigas was one of the founders of Adelphia Communications…

Adelphia Communications logo

…at one time one of the biggest cable TV firms in the United States.

He also was part owner of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team.

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Things were clear and static free until May, 2002 when Rigas was forced to resign as Adelphia's CEO for wire fraud, bank fraud and securities fraud.

John Rigas and his 2 sons

His son's Timothy and Michael were also swept up in the scandal.

hey were accused of looting the company by hiding two and a third billion dollars in liabilities and using corporate funds as their own money.

John Rigas

After his convicted, Rigas was put on ice by the National Hockey League, which forced him to sell his interest in the Sabres.

John Rigas with the media

His prison term started in August 2007 and since 2011, he's been at the Allenwood Federal Correction complex in Pennsylvania.

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