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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart mugshot

The arrest of Martha Stewart:

She lived a charmed life, starting out as a model and working her way up through books, magazines and television to gain fame as the "Domestic Diva". But her legacy was marred because she got caught in an insider trading scandal and had to work hard to restore the luster to her name.

She was born Martha Helen Kostyra in Jersey City, New Jersey and grew up in nearby Nutley. Even as a kid things fell into place for her. As a ten year old kid, her occasional baby-sitting clients included the kids of baseball legends Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle.

She started modeling at age 15…

Martha Stewart modeling picture

…including a TV spot for Unilever and a magazine ad for Tareyton cigarettes.

She supplemented her college scholarship by working as a model for clients like Chanel for $150 dollars an hour, big bucks for a college kid in those days.

Martha Stewart modeling

She was also lucky because her mom taught her domestic duties, like cooking and sewing and Martha parlayed her knowledge of making things right around the house into an empire.

Assuming the last name of her husband Andrew Stewart, they moved to Connecticut and she started making her mark with redecorating and catering. She wrote a cookbook and developed a magazine called "Martha Stewart Living." She also wrote several food related books.

Martha Stewart magazine and book covers

It culminated with Martha Stewart Living Omi Media, in which all of her domestic magic was brought under one umbrella. When the company went public she became the first female, self-made billionaire in the U.S.

Here are some outtakes from her TV show.

Life was good. Until, that is, she sold around 4,000 shares of her ImClone Systems stocks to avoid a loss of less than $46,000. The Securities and Exchange Commission says she did it after receiving some inside information from her broker at Merrill Lynch.

Indicted on nine counts, including securities fraud and obstruction of justice, she left her managerial roles at Martha Stewart Living Omi Media, but remained chief creative officer.

After a very public, nine week trial Martha was convicted on two counts and was sentenced to a five month term in federal prison. She was also fined $30,000. (Her broker was convicted too and sent to prison.)

She was sent to the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia,

Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia

...although her attorney protested it would make it difficult for her mom to visit her. She served there from October 2003 to March, 2005 and then went on a two year supervised release.

And once free, she resumed her career, once again heavily involved in Martha Stewart Living.

Martha Stewart on the cover of Newsweek
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