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Anthony Bosch

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The arrest of Anthony Bosch:

He's the man who headed the clinic that sold performance enhancing drugs to several Major League Base stars, most notably Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.


Anthony Bosch…

Anthony Bosch

…is the former owner of Biogenesis of America and he pleaded guilty in a wide-ranging conspiracy to distribute steroids to major league ballplayers and high school athletes.

Bosch, who identified himself as "Dr. T" to athletes, charged professionals $12,000 a month for the drugs and charged high school players $600 a month. The U.S Attorney says that, making things even worse, Bosch didn't have a medical license, making what he did even more dangerous. The head of the Miami Drug Enforcement Administration said of Bosch, "he's not a doctor – he's a drug dealer."

The case led to lawsuits, accusations and the suspensions of several major league players, including A-Rod, who denied taking steroids while playing for the Yankees but admitted taking them while a member of the Texas Rangers.


Rodriguez, served a year-long suspension in 2014, is the only one 14 players involved in the scandal to contest his penalty.

Some of the others snared in the scandal included star players like…

Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta

…Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers, Nelson Cruz – then of the Texas Rangers, and Jhonny Peralta, then of the Detroit Tigers.

Bosch pleaded guilty in Miami Federal Court on October 16, 2014 and was allowed free on $100,000 bond and allowed to return to his Coral Gables, Florida home under house arrest.

Just days before the start of spring training, 2015, Bosch was sentenced to four years in federal prison. He'd sought a more lenient term because he'd cooperated with the investigation, however Federal Judge Darrin Gayles refused.

Bosch choked back tears and said his clinic was a legitimate business. But the judge noted that Bosch falsely held himself out as a licensed medical doctor at his Biogenesis clinic, collecting thousands of dollars a month while providing steroid injections.

A few hours after the sentencing, A-Rod issued a handwritten apology to baseball fans, saying he wanted to put this chapter behind him and play some ball.

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