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Anthony Casso

Anthony Casso Mugshot

The arrest of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso:

This Brooklyn mobster was considered a homicidal maniac by other members of the Mafia. He was an underboss in the Lucchese crime family and confessed to several murders. He even admitted making several tries at bumping off Gambino mob boss John Gotti, who ended up dying of cancer in prison.

The Brooklyn born Casso had a godfather who was himself a mobster. He worked his way up the ranks in Brooklyn, arrested for attempted murder in 1961, but was acquitted when the purported victim refused to identify him.

"Gaspipe" – the nickname he hated - became a full member of the Lucchese clan at age 32 in 1974 and eventually became one of the highest ranking members of the mob to turn informer. He was number two to Victor Amuso…

Anthony Casso and Vic Amuso

…running the Lucchese clan, and had almost as much power as the boss.

Anthony Casso survelance photo

Casso was living in high style, including wearing a half million dollar diamond ring. He and Amuso were involved in a series of rackets, including extortion and labor racketeering

When Amuso was arrested in 1991 Casso became the head man and ran the Lucchese mob for three years. But Gaspipe was arrested for taking part in a murder plot in 1993 and was thrown out of the gang by Amuso.

Anthony Casso

So Gaspipe turned informer, but his plea deal was rescinded by the government and Casso was thrown out of Witness Protection in 1997 for various infractions – including assaulting other inmates and bribing guards.

Anthony Casso in hand cuffs

Instead, he'll be housed in federal prison for the rest of his life, serving thirteen consecutive life sentences by 455 years. He's currently imprisoned at the federal facility in Minneapolis

"Gaspipe" was interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes".

Casso's life was documented in the 2008 book: "Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss", by Philip Carlo.

Anthony Casso book
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