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Jeffrey MacDonald

Jeffrey MacDonald

The arrest of Jeffrey MacDonald:

This guy had everything going for him. He was a U.S. Army officer and member of the Green Beret Special Forces…

Jeffrey MacDonald in the army

…and he was a medical doctor and a practicing physician.

Jeffrey MacDonald and wife

But he's been in jail for decades for killing his pregnant wife, Collette MacDonald, and two daughters…

…in their home on the Fort Bragg, North Carolina Army base in February, 1970.

Collette MacDonald dead

He claims that a group of Charles Manson-type hippies committed the brutal crimes…

sketch of killer

…and left him wounded, but didn't kill him.

At first, his wife's stepfather believed him but then changed his mind and worked to have him arrested and eventually convicted.

Jeffrey MacDonald arrested

…Despite several appeals and attempts to overturn his convictions, McDonald languishes in a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon.

Jeffrey MacDonald in prison

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