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Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo Mugshot

The arrest of Joe Gallo:

His nickname was "Crazy Joe" and for a mobster, that should tell you a lot. Joey Gallo met his own violent end in a Manhattan restaurant, in what was supposed to be his birthday celebration.

Umbertos Clam House after Joe Gallo got shot

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Gallo was suspected in several crimes, including being one of the gunmen who killed rival mob boss Albert Anastasia in a barber chair in 1957.

Albert Anastasia dead on the barber shop floor

Gallo was nailed in 1961 after trying to extort payments from a café owner who called the police and Joey was convicted on conspiracy and extortion charges, pulling a seven to 14 year sentence.

Gallo was released in 1971 and was believed to be behind the shooting of mob boss Joe Colombo in New York's Columbus Circle in June 1971.

Joe Colombo

Joey got it himself the following April, when Colombo loyalists killed him at his 43rd birthday party at Umberto's Clam House in New York's Little Italy.

newspaper report of Joe Gallo's death
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