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Lynette Fromme

Lynette Fromme

The arrest of Lynette Fromme:

She didn't start out in life as a member of the "Future Presidential Assassins Club". However, she served 34 years in prison for threatening a President's life.

Lynette Fromme was born in Santa Monica, California and was a child performer in a popular local dance group called the Westchester Lariats. In 1963, her family moved to Redondo Beach and she started taking drugs and drinking. She managed to graduate high school in 1966…

Lynette Fromme high school photo

…although her grades suffered. She left home and her father, William, convinced her to consider studying at El Camino Junior College. She didn't stay long and after a big fight with her dad, she was homeless.

In 1967, she moved to Venice Beach. Suffering with depression, she met and became involved with a recently released convict…

Charles Manson

...Charles Manson

This member of the Charles Manson family did not take part in the group's brutal killing spree in August 1969, in which actress Sharon Tate and coffee heiress Abigail Folger were among those stabbed and slashed to death.

Nicknamed "Squeaky", she was held in the shooting deaths of James and Lauren Willett in 1972, but was never charged.

Lynette Fromme

But in 1975, she pointed an automatic pistol at President Gerald Ford in Sacramento, California.

gerald Ford in Sacramento

It was loaded with four rounds but there was no cartridge in the chamber. Fromme was immediately tackled by a Secret Service Agent and told onlookers she didn't fire a shot.

Lynette Fromme on cover of Newsweek magazine

Ford wasn't hurt but Fromme got a life sentence under a 1965 law that called for a maximum sentence for an attempted presidential assassination.

Lynette Fromme on cover of Time magazine

She escaped from the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia in December, 1987, adding extra time to her prison term. Her mug shot at the top of the page was snapped when she was recaptured.

Fromme was granted parole in July 2008, but had to serve extra time because of her escape. She was finally paroled in August, 2009…

newspaper report of Lynette Fromme prison release

...and reportedly moved to New York State.

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