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Marv Albert

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The arrest of Marv Albert:

He has one of the most distinctive voices and approaches in all of sports casting.

Marv Albert broadcasting

Marv Albert is a member of the basketball Hall of Fame and is often referred to as the" voice of basketball". He was also known as the "Voice of the New York Knicks" at one point.

His signature phrase when a shot is madeā€¦

But he suffered great embarrassment in 1997 when he was at the center of media frenzy, when he went on trial for felony charges of forcible sodomy.

A 42-year-old woman accused him of throwing her on his hotel room bed, biting her and forcing her to perform oral sex after an argument. It got even worse when another woman testifying during his trial claimed that he made unwanted sexual advances and she claimed to go to a hotel room to find him wearing white panties and a garter belt.

Marv Albert ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges. The sodomy charge was dropped and Albert was given a 12 month suspended sentence.

He was let go by NBC but was eventually taken back by the network two years later.

Marv Albert continues to work for Turner Sports and CBS Sports.

Marv Albert working for TNT
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