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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Mugshot

The arrests of Marilyn Manson:

Take the names of two well-known people, mix them together and turn Canton, Ohio native Brian Hugh Warner into a shock rock star – Marilyn Manson. (You guessed it; Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson inspired him.)

He earned a reputation over the years of being a controversial figure and a bad influence on young people.

Believe it or not, he's a fourth cousin of conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan

Marilyn Manson and Pat Buchanan

Manson was engaged for three years to actress Rose McGowan, but she broke it off because of "Lifestyle differences".

Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan

Manson's first arrest came in Florida in December 1994 for some on-stage antics, but the charge was later dropped when police realized he was performing a sex act on a fake body part. He was detained for 16 hours though.

He was arrested in Italy in 2001 for dressing up like a Roman Catholic Cardinal and going on stage. More seriously, he was also charged with exposing himself during a public performance.

Manson also paid a $4000 fine in July, 2001. He was originally charged with criminal sexual misconduct. That was reduced to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and Marilyn pleaded no contest.

Marilyn Manson mugshot
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