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Paul Simon

Paul Simon Mugshot

The arrest of Paul Simon:

He's been making hit records since the 1960's, first teaming with Art Garfunkel...

…and later embarking on a very successful solo career of his own.

From "Sounds of Silence" and "Mrs. Robinson" in the early days to "Me and Julio" and "Loves Me like a Rock" and dozens of other hits, Paul Simon was a mainstay musician and song writer, earning a dozen Grammy Awards for his solo and collaborative work.

He also managed to stay out of the unfavorable public light, at least until April, 2014. That's when 72 year old Simon and his 48 year old wife of 22 years, Edie Brickell, were involved in a domestic violence dispute and were each hit with misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.

Simon told police she slapped him and then he shoved her in a cottage that served as a recording studio on their Connecticut property.

Paul Simon in court

When they left the courthouse, Rhymin' Simon said: "We're fine, we love each other, and we're fine; we had an argument, it's over."

Prosecutors decided not to follow through with the case and if Paul and Edie stay out of trouble until July 2015, the charges will be dropped. However, if either is charged again, the prosecutor reserved the right to revive the case.

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