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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Mugshot

The arrests of Willie Nelson:

He's a country music icon, a signer with many of his own hits and a song writer whose work became big hits for others. He also helped to pioneer outlaw country, which developed in response to the more conservative Nashville sound.

Willie Nelson playing his guitar

Some of his best known songs include "Crazy", made popular by Patsy Cline. Other major hits: "On the Road Again".

"You Were Always on My Mind".

Willie Nelson's also appeared in more than 30 movies, co-authored several books and is an activist for the use of bio-fuels and the legalization of marijuana.

Willie Nelson holding marijuana

However, in most places, pot is not legal yet and Willie's been arrested several times for possession.

Willie Nelson early mugshot

This mug shot was for speeding and driving without a license.

His first drug infraction was in Dallas in 1974 and 20 years later, when a policeman found a joint in Willie's car near Waco, Texas, Nelson's court date forced him to cancel his appearance at that year's Grammy Awards.

Similar charges were levelled in 2006 when he was picked up in Louisiana on charges of possessing pot and hallucinogenic mushrooms. And there was a November 2010 incident when six ounces of pot was found on his tour bus travelling from Los Angeles to Texas.

Willie Nelson mugshot from 2010

Willie paid $2500 bail and was released and prosecutors said jail time wasn't necessary. Instead they recommended a $100 fine and joked that he should sing "Blue Eyes Cryin" in the Rain" in court. The judge approved the fine but skipped the song.

Then a $500 fine to avoid a two year jail sentence was proposed but later rejected as being too soft because of Willie's celebrity status. It would normally require a year in jail. So the case remained opened until it was dismissed or the judge changed her opinion.

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