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Rob Ford

Rob Ford mugshot

The arrest of Rob Ford:

For the mayor of a Canadian city, he certainly received a lot of attention in the international press! That's because Robert Bruce Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, was involved in several controversies, some of them criminal.

Ford was born in Ontario and as a youth dreamed of being a professional football player. His father, Douglas Ford, was the founder of a successful grocery product labelling company and sent young Rob to special camps for the University of Notre Dame and the Washington Redskins.

Rob Ford kicking a football

Ford's political career began with a run for the Toronto City Council in 1997 and he was elected Mayor in 2010 with a message of ending the "gravy train" of government expenses and taxes.

He married his high school sweetheart, Renata Brejniak…

Rob Ford and Renata Brejniak

…in 2000. They have a daughter Stephanie and a son named Doug.

Seen above in a 1999 Florida Mug shot, Ford's been dogged by controversy surrounding his driving – like driving while reading and a 1999 DUI arrest.

Rob Ford

There was an August 2010 conflict of interest charge, for using his official letterhead in fund-raising letters for his football foundation.

However, Ford's biggest problems had to do with drugs and alcohol. He initially denied the substance abuse allegations but after videos surfaced, Ford admitted public drunkenness, drinking and driving and illegal drug use.

Rob Ford admitting drug use

He even admitted using crack cocaine during one of his drunken stupors.

But he refused to resign and the Toronto City Council, unable to kick him out of office, did remove some of his powers and gave them to a deputy mayor.

Ford was running for re-election in October, 2014…

Rob Ford running for mayor in 2014

…but a few weeks before Election Day, Rob suffered another body blow.

He was diagnosed with a tumor after checking himself into a local hospital on September 10th after suffering severe abdominal pain. By the end of the week, on September 12th, Ford withdrew his Mayoral candidacy for health reasons.

He asked his brother, Doug Ford, to run in his place.

Rob Ford with his brother, Doug

Doug has also been the subject of drug allegations but has denied the charges.

The Ford executive era ended in Toronto when Doug lost his bid for the Mayor's office to John Tory.

But Rob did win a seat on the Toronto City Council, even though his cancerous abdominal tumor had not yet responding to treatment. In fact, he needed to be readmitted to a local hospital a week after the election.

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