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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday mugshot

The arrests of Billie Holiday:

"Lady Day" was one of the jazz greats or her day and any day.

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She had a troubled personal life, marked with several arrests, mainly for drug possession. It started in May, 1947 when she was arrested for having narcotics in her New York apartment. She pleaded guilty and was hospitalized. Released on good behavior in March, 1948 she resumed her career and played to a sold-out Carnegie Hall.

But she was arrested again in San Francisco a few months later in January 1949 and said she'd been using hard drugs since the early 1940's.

The problems continued into the 1950's. Here Billie's pictured leaving a Philadelphia police station after a 1956 drug arrest

Billie Holiday leaving police station after 1956 arrest

Also a heavy drinker, while hospitalized for heart and liver disease, she was arrested for drug possession as she lay dying at New York's Metropolitan Hospital when her room was raided.

Swindled in her final years, Billie Holiday died with seventy cents in the bank.

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