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Farrah Franklin

Farrah Franklin mugshot

The arrest of Farrah Franklin:

She was a onetime member of the R&B group "Destiny's Child", which launched Beyoncé on her superstar career.

Destiny's Child

Farah Franklin, second from left in this photo, was part of the group for a few months and appeared on the music video "Jumpin' Jumpin'"

Farrah made some news in the summer of 2014, but not in the way she might have hoped. She was arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after a night of drinking with two pro football players.

Local authorities said Farrah was booked on a disorderly conduct charge after a night of drinking with…

Daquan Bowers and Ricky Sapp

…Daquan Bowers of the Tampa bay Buccaneers and Ricky Sapp of the Houston Texans.

Bowers told police he'd flown Franklin in from California to be with him. After a night on the town they went to Sapp's home but then both players told police Farrah was very drunk and was yelling, slamming doors and refusing to cut it out.

So they called police who say they found Franklin lying in a neighbor's yard. She says she told them she didn't have any other place to go and planned to sleep in the woods.

After posting $280 bond, Franklin was released from jail.

Farrah Franklin

It wasn't her only brush with the law. In April 2011, Farrah was arrested for disorderly conduct in Culver City, California but claimed to be a victim of racial profiling.

Farrah Franklin

Police say they were responding to a residents' complaint that she was disturbing the peace.

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