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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler mugshot

The arrest of Steven Tyler:

The demon of screamin'. Steve Victor Tallarico could never be mistaken for an Italian crooner. Better known as Steven Tyler, the front man for Aerosmith, is known for his high screams and wide vocal range.

Steven Tyler singing

Here he is on Fox's 2011 American Idol finale.

He's also known for getting picked up for drug possession.

Tyler was only 18 when he was busted by police in Yonkers, New York on a marijuana possession charge. That's his mug shot up top.

And a 1983 drug conviction for possession of cocaine and narcotics paraphernalia was cleared from his record in 1997.

The father of actress Liv Tyler…

Steven Tyler with Liv Tyler

…he told "Us Weekly" that he spent five million dollars on drugs, and that he snorted half of Peru.

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